A Heart
on Fire

100 meditations on 
loving your neighbors well

let your days be the evidence of


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let your days be the evidence of

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From jarring headlines to political polarization, we spend our days doomscrolling through social media hot takes, dodging the news cycle, and feeling disappointed in ourselves when we just can't keep up with all of the causes we care about. Not to mention our families, hobbies, day jobs, mental health, and more. How in the world do we hold it all?

Maybe we're not supposed to. 

What if sustainable, everyday advocacy is found in holding what we're called to? Instead of jumping from spark to spark of momentary action... 

can i just say this out loud?

Being an advocate can feel so overwhelming these days. 

what if we lived with
a heart on fire?

go a bit easier on yourself, friend.

A life of good work isn't built overnight. 

The sturdiest and most durable buildings aren't created by accident–they're often the result of months and years of meticulous preparation and construction, built on a firm foundation. Similarly, a life of good requires knowing what we stand for. Our values and beliefs are laid brick-by-brick, cemented together by an unwavering dedication to living those values out loud. They are like the logs that we lay at the base of our hearts' flames. 



Author of "All Along You Were Blooming" and Artist

"In this book, Danielle Coke Balfour skillfully brings together her compelling writing and captivating illustrations to discuss vital topics in a way that leads to meaningful engagement, thoughtful conversation, and active imagination to build a better future. The harmony of visuals and words provides us with practical solutions and actionable hope at a time when we need it the most. This is a book to keep close and also share widely with others."

nicole walters

Author of "Nothing is Missing" and star of USANetwork's "She's the Boss"

"Danielle has done it again! 'A Heart on Fire' is yet another powerful work that marries lessons and learning with grace and good work. Not only am I sharing this book with everyone I know, I'm referring to it daily when I need the guidance required to serve well in my business- and my home. This is a powerful tool for personal growth, meaningful impact, and lasting change."

sharon mcmahon

America's Government Teacher and Top Podcast Host of "Here's Where it Gets Interesting"

"A Heart on Fire is beautiful, thought-provoking, and heartwarming. I want people to read it, give it as a gift, and keep on coming back to it. It's so accessible and beautifully illustrated." 

branden harvey

Branden Harvey, Founder of Good Good Good and Editor-in-Chief of The Goodnewspaper

"The people I admire most in the world are those who use their creativity to make the world a better place. Dani is that kind of person. A Heart on Fire is delightful, wise, impactful, and gorgeous. Through illustrations and essays, this book will leave you feeling genuinely hopeful, equipped to navigate nuanced ideas, and inspired to make a positive difference in the world."

I wrote this book for:

The newly activated justice-seeker who wants to embark on a lifelong journey of pursuing liberation for all 

The passionate empath who wants to move from being overwhelmed with the world's issues to being an everyday advocate who influences the community they're planted in

The disillusioned changemaker whose hope is fading and could use a spark to keep moving forward

The curious and caring heart who wants to discover how to make a difference in the world in their own unique way


In A Heart on Fire, we journey together through 100 art pieces and entries, divided into categories I refer to as the Ten Pillars of a Life of Good Work: ten different values that make up a small part of the belief systems that collectively prop us up and hold us together. The values of love, creativity, justice, hope, awareness, community, consistency, empathy, honesty, and redemption are a few of the pillars that hold our lives up and fuel our pursuits of human flourishing. It's on this firm foundation that we discover what we were created for, solidify what we stand for, and pave the way to a life of sustainable, everyday advocacy while still experiencing rest, joy, and fulfillment.